ViaVia Foundation is founded on 2 October 1984. At the office of notary Buijsrogge in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The first three articles of the statutes of the foundation are on this webpage. They are translated into English from the original text in Dutch.



Article 1.

1. The foundation bears the name: Stichting ViaVia (Dutch for ViaVia Foundation).

2. The foundation has its chair in the Municipal of Utrecht (The Netherlands).
Article 2.

1. The foundation’s goal is to raise the quality of the existance, especially regarding education, art and science.

2. The foundation strives to achieve its goal by:
a. making contacts;
b. mediation, possibly involving agreements for the provision of labour;
c. let take care or take care of forming, learning, training and / or educational activities;
d. do organize or organize cultural events;
e. doing take care or take care of publications through several media;
f. all other lawful means.

3. In the shaping and implementation of these means, the foundation can deploy volontary co-workers/employees.

Article 3.

The assets of the foundation will be constituted by:
a. grants and donations;
b. gifts, testamentary disposition and bequests;
c. all other acquisitions and benefits.

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