ViaVia Foundation offers public and private services.

Below an overview of activities that are possible within the ViaVia context. Based on the branche descriptions of the Chamber of Commerce.

Development and Research

  • Development of visions and concepts
  • Research and development in social science and humanities
  • Special philosophical and ideological organization
  • Development of Projects
  • Support of PaMusea. These are museums in the original Greek meaning: a place where people shared experiences, learned, ate and slept


  • Organizing projects
  • Organizing the gathering and new development of visions
  • Organizing artistic and educational activities and events
  • Organizing other special events
  • Other services related to organization and events
  • Organizing Public relations and Communications
  • Other services related to advertising and publicity



Delegation and Transfer

  • Transfer or delegation of developed visions and projects
  • Transfer of experience and knowledge
  • Education and teaching
  • Lectures, readings, causeries
  • Mentoring, workshops and other educational work
  • Practising educational performing
  • Practising educational creative art
  • Private social club (society) as a network of ViaVia participants


  • Publishing of artistic and educational books, magazines, guides, atlasses, calenders, organisers, sound recordings and video media


  • Manufacturing of artefacts and educational objects, such as learning materials, gifts and toys from wood, paper, cardboard or glass
  • Production of artistic and educational books, posters, prints and postcards
  • Production of artistic and educational photos, sound recordings and DVDs / videos
  • Printing of special books, magazines, packaging
  • Reproduction of carriers of sound, images and video


  • Permanent or temporary spaces and places for distribution of the manufactured artistic and / or educational articles
  • Distribution of developed visions, concepts and products mentioned at events, special occasions or ambulatory on public roads

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